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How are YOU using your Start Screen?

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    Removed most of what was on it, added many of my main programs on it, use it as little as possible. But that is just me.

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    I'm going to go on a tangent real fast. To make the Start Screen an effective evolution of the start menu, it MUST have the default Library links, like Documents, Music...etc. It must have ask the user to use metro apps to play media files, because when I first tried to play music when I first installed the Consumer Preview; it went to the Music app and that was odd. The Music app is terrible in my opinion. Ideally, it should had to metro popup and asked what app I want to use, media center, media player and on. If the Start Screen doesn't have that, I bet users will get slightly confused. Even the Computer shortcut isn't there by default.
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    I guess folks aren't happy with having to do a bunch of configuration to make the Start screen useful. However, its easy to add all the usual things. Just use the explorer to find the folder of interest, Pictures, Music, Documents, whatever. Right click and "Pin to Start". I think you can pretty much get everything on the XP or Win7 start menus. Perhaps Microsoft will have an easy way to do that. Certainly a third party will provide a way to quickly configure the Start screen to represent what you are looking for.
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    I did some configuration to put the app tiles I use the most front and center. But for nearly all of those apps I created taskbar shortcuts so I've yet to really use the metro start screen for launching apps.

    Also I have to jump to start screen to do searches now, which I do not care for, if only because they split the results into categories so I have to drill down through each one. They should just show me all the results and put them in different columns or use different icon borders or something if they are anal about files vs. settings vs apps. Making me drill down for search results which were displayed automatically in the previous version is annoying
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    Unfortunately - a lot of things have been removed - to make room for the metro stuff.

    Unified search is just one of them.

    You can use some kind of 3rd party app for searching.

    I use Start Menu 7 - typing into its search box works reasonably and keeps you on the desktop.

    ( There is also a search icon in the start menu - I removed it - because that one does take you back to the metro search ).

    Otherwise, free tools like Everything, or Agent Ransack may suit you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Otherwise, free tools like Everything, or Agent Ransack may suit you.
    Everything is the best search tool I've used. Gave up on Windows search many years ago.
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    Ideally, it should had to metro popup and asked what app I want to use, media center, media player and on. If the Start Screen doesn't have that, I bet users will get slightly confused. Even the Computer shortcut isn't there by default.
    Coke, but that is easy to fix. Just right click on any of your Music, Pictures, etc. files > Open with.. > Choose Default Programs > there you select your new default. You have to do that only once per filetype and the file association will be updated accordingly. Then you can just double click on the file and your new program will act.
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    I am grudgingly coming around to like the Start Screen.
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    My setup boots straight through Metro directly to the desktop.

    I rarely use it. Not because I can't, but because I simply don't like it.

    MS can leave it in or remove it, I don't really care either way.

    We'll always find workarounds to bend Windows to OUR will.

    That's one thing I've always liked about Windows.
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    I very rarely go into the traditional desktop anymore, I really like Metro. I have all my programs there setup into different rows.


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How are YOU using your Start Screen?
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