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Biggest bug ever maybe?

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    windows 8 enterpise

    windows seeing drives that arnt there and can be accessed?

    Ok so here is the deal I have 2 separate hardrives both 1tb drives.....1 has windows 8.1 other is used for storage... but here is the strangest thing ever. All I did was set my other computer to read the storage drive in home groups and now it shows i have 3 TB drives.. I even put like 600mb in the new drive and it actually shows and i can use it..???? WTF has anyone ever had this happen?
    Oh btw it also show up in disk management Disk1 basic 931.51GB Disk2 928.88GB and the new one ? Disk3 930.23GB all healthy primary partition all basic no usb no dvd in dvd drive
    ALso to mention... the other computer only has a 550 hardrive that is pretty much full so yeah ...

    ZOMG even bit locker worked.... which is very very strange cause the PW works on the new drive but not on the others hehehe ok someone tell me what the hell is going on
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    Don't have a clue. It's just nice to read about getting more storage than anticipated. Usually it's the other way around.

    You'll probably figure it out. A wild guess is that because you are using Win 8 Enterprise, the 'enterprise' gave you an extra 1T(?) Just a guess....
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Biggest bug ever maybe?
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