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Basic notebook issue for a novice!

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    Basic notebook issue for a novice!

    Hi, new to this so please help! I am sure this is a really basic mistake but cant find the easy solution. I have an ASUS X550CA laptop and after using it brilliantly for weeks this morning I can see nothing on the screen. It is definitely powered on as I can see the right lights on the laptop, but other than the mouse cursor - nothing. All the help topics I have looked at rely on actually being able to see the desktop or menu and I can see nothing.

    At one point it said something about fight safe mode being on but cant seem to work out how to turn off, the screen hasn't broken as I do get a menu if I try to extend the display - only have one monitor so now set to that clearly. I am sure there is a really basic command I need to get back to my screen but will be ... if I can find it!

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    Almost sounds like maybe the display is zoomed way out. Try hitting the Ctrl + Minus keys a few times.
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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, frazzldredhead.

    Do you mean flight safe mode? That is a mode where a device will not transmit radio waves as a safety feature for airplane flights. It's commonly called airplane mode.
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    thanks for the comments and welcome, the control keys didn't work. yes I mean flight safe mode.. I understand its use from my iphone but don't think that's why I cant see the screen, just odd that it popped up at one stage! Wondered if it was something to do with sleep mode but again struggling to resolve without seeing the screen and relying on the function keys.
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    Does the Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys bring up a menu? No Start Screen? Do you get the Start Flag in the lower left hot corner?

    Can you boot to Safe Mode?
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    If there is no desktop or Metro Start Screen. Sounds more like Explorer.exe crashed. Without pictures of what you are talking about. We are all just shooting in the dark.
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Basic notebook issue for a novice!
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