Hi all,

I've caused a problem which is proving to be difficult for me to fix.

My laptop experienced a BSOD which resulted in me being able to log in only to be met with a blank screen with a movable cursor, which I resolved using a System Restore.

Following this I tried to identify the cause for another issue caused by the BSOD which was the replacement of icons on the log in screen by square-shaped outlines. I ended up opening Device Manager and then Display Adapters, where I disabled one of the graphics processors (GT 610M). I restarted the laptop after doing this and since then it has been able to progress past the teal Windows logo and spinning circle but not to the log in screen as a blank screen with a cursor appears instead.

I've tried using refreshing, System Restore, Startup Repair and enabling Safe Mode but none of these have been able to work or in the case of Safe Mode the blank screen still appears.