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Problem: I can't login

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    Problem: I can't login


    I didn't notice and I entered my password when I was on cyrillic input.(I'm bulgarian) So I had to write my password with cyrillic letters. It was ok for me (I used to enter the password many times), but once I restarted my pc. Something happened and now I can't change the keyboard layout. Look, there is no option in the home screen:
    Click image for larger version
    This image is from the forum, but I can't take my own screenshot
    I also tried changing the language with the key combination, but nothing happens. Windows doesn't recognize it.

    So that's my problem. I know my password, but I can't login, because I can't type the correct letters. Have you got an idea about this situation?


    P.s It's strange, but when you try to do something from the boot menu, there is an option to change your keyboard input, unfortunately it is where I don't need it:
    Click image for larger version
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Problem: I can't login
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