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SSDs Losing MFT?

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    SSDs Losing MFT?

    OK, so on two different Windows 8 machines, that are clean installed probably every 3-4 months or so, I had both SSDs lose their MFT in the same week.

    I saw they lose their MFT but that's a guess. Both systems just randomly stopped booting one day. One of them worked fine. I powered it off, and then it wouldn't boot again. I attempted repairs in Command Prompt from a bootable USB and the Windows 8 partitions both showed up as RAW. Since it says RAW, I believe there is little I can do to fix this.

    Why is this happening? What can I do to prevent it? For one of the systems, I back up the SSD weekly with an Acronis True Image schedule. So I was able to restore it easily. The other system doesn't have anything that isn't on the cloud so no biggie.

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    Google Search found some pages about converting/restoring HDDs from RAW to NTFS, should find help there:
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SSDs Losing MFT?
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