Windows 8.1 on a Samsung 3 series - this is a lightly used notebook I config'd to sell, and "outta the blue" it incurred a storm of this error 7000 "Mutlimedia Class Scheduler failed to start" - basically sent the CPU to the roofline for a long time. I did not notice it until the next morning when, waking it from sleep, nothing would work.

the string of Error 7000 may have begun as the system was trying to put itself to sleep [i closed the lid and vanished]. Upon waking for the next use, which was many hours later, I got several Errors 7011 and 7046

UNfortunately I had tired of Windows 8 constantly sending me to fetch updates and had set it to "auto" so.....

can I just turn off Multimedia Class Scheduler or is its failure a downstream effect.?