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Do I keep 8.1 laptop--frustrated so far.

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    Do I keep 8.1 laptop--frustrated so far.

    I just bought a new laptop with 8.1..Good machine, has i5, 6 GB, 750 HD. I need decide in 2-3 days whether to keep it or return it and get a Windows 7 machine.

    My issues are: seems hard to work smoothly because of so many log ons and interruptions. It's been so frustrating, but hopefully I have my Microsoft account set up properly and maybe that will help. Is it possible to get it configured
    so that it essentially works like Windows 7?

    I like the touch screen, however I wanted to use it in tablet configuration for stylus drawing, but I learned later that you need a different kind of touch screen for that.

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    Hi jrileye and welcome to Eight Forums,

    Do you just want Windows 8 to look and act like Windows 7?

    If so, I would suggest looking into Classic Shell. Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

    Hope that helps,
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    You can set it up to be the same as Windows 7. Various apps in the app store can do this. The one I like is Classic Shell as it gives you various choices. I did not like Windows 8 or 8.1 to start with, but it is handy especially with touch screen apps. Once you get used to it it is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrileye View Post
    I like the touch screen, however I wanted to use it in tablet configuration for stylus drawing, but I learned later that you need a different kind of touch screen for that.
    If it doesn't perform the main purpose without alteration then I would exchange it for one that does.
    On the W8 vs Windows7 thing, W8 can access larger drives using GPT. But unless you use external drives that's likely not an issue for you. W8 may give slightly better performance at the cost of losing the pretty UIs possible in Windows7. If Glass doesn't matter to you then that's not an issue.

    But if you like Apps and touch screen the best choice may be to get the machine with the right type of touch screen,as you mentioned, that will also work with Apps. In other words a different machine running W8. (If this combo exists I don't know. I've never used touch screen or stylus. I'm a desktop guy on my first Laptop.)
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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, jrileye.

    Please expound on "seems hard to work smoothly because of so many log ons and interruptions"? Signing into my tower PC with my MS accounts automatically signs me into any MS sites except for the main profile site. Only it is there that I have to enter my password for security reasons.

    As MilesAhead stated > I would exchange it for one that has a screen that works with a stylus. That seems to be the crucial point for you. Are you sure it won't work with a stylus and it's driver?

    So far as the OS > I don't, but many here do get 8 to work and look like 7. There are 3rd party programs for Aero glass also. Perhaps someone here knows where to get a good one.

    Bottom line is that if you don't like 8.x there's no shame in that. Get a machine with 7. 7 does have touch features.
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    windows 8.1

    Thanks to all fior the good info. When I first was getting started, it seemed like there were frequent extra log ins. Perhaps that the Microsoft account wanting to finish my profile. I do like the option to use the touch screen--it can be tedious moving the pointer to small boxes, etc. I'll check with Toshiba to see I activate the screen with drivers of some sort. I'll try to report back on that.
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    I learned later that you need a different kind of touch screen for that.
    Looks like you answered your own question. Seems you need to change it for a machine with the function you want.

    What is the point if trying to make 8 like 7? Just get the real thing. 7 is the best os from MS.
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    7 was /is great ,i loved it ,but for what i do win8.1 with the update is great to, maybe people who use computer for different things than i do find win8 and 7 different .i dont ,i set my desktop and taskabr up to get me everywhere i need to go without using the start scree ,just like i did with win7 and winxp and win 98 and win 95 and win 3.11.
    and iam typing this on my mac book,and i got my desktop and taskbar set to go where i need to go too,and it seems to work just like windows
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Do I keep 8.1 laptop--frustrated so far.
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