Was Using Windows 7 From A long Time and now i switched to Windows 8.1 its good but i have some issues
i dont know how to explain that properly but everytime i open a drive like my software drive C and it has some setup exe files and folder after opening the drive it takes like 4-5 seconds to regenerate all icon thumbnails every time i open folder again and again i tried ever formatting new windows many times but looks like it windows 8.1 issue or i dont know what it is see this screenshot you can see that some icons are not generated

any help?

and other one is
am using notepad++ for xml and text editior tool and its add option in right click menu to open with notepad check screenshots
but i installed windows8.1 and using main administrator account disabled UAC but in windows 7 its not showing this option in right click menu and there are many other applications which adds option in right click menu to open it but in windiws 8.1 all disabled
any idea how to turn that on?