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Frustrating problem with UEFI option in BIOS!

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    Frustrating problem with UEFI option in BIOS!

    Hi all,

    Just got my hands on a brand new ASUS K95VB notebook on behalf of a friend. I used a USB with Windows 8.1 on it in order to format the hard drive and install Windows. The hard drive is 3TB. I remember trying to install Windows using the UEFI option in the usb startup menu but that didnt work so I proceeded on the non-uefi option.
    Now the problem is that only 2 TB are shown and the remaining 1 TB is shown only in device manager as not assigned...
    If I understand correctly, the BIOS should be in UEFI mode and then the hard drive should be converted to GPT and then install Windows.

    But, no option in BIOS for UEFI to be enabled whatsoever. What on earth should I do?

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    You don't need to change the default UEFI firmware (BIOS) settings, when you install Windows 8/8.1 64-bit.

    If you are installing from USB flash drive, do you have UEFI Boot Mode compatible Windows 8/8.1 64-bit USB flash drive?

    Here is more info: link
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    3TB is a huge single partition. Why not break it up into two or more smaller partitions?

    UEFI and GPT is the way to go but 3TB is too big for a single partition, at least for me.
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    Thank you for your replies.

    I do have UEFI flash drive and already tried it, as mentioned on my previous post, but no luck. Setup could not continue...

    I believe it is essential to cahnge the bios to UEFI but no option there whatsoever....

    What can I do?????
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    if your problem can not be resolved but still you can provide thehelp if you contact your service provider
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    Your system will install based on the version of the Install media you boot to. You do not turn on or off the UEFI bios.

    What messages are you getting when you try to install. In many cases, you may need to remove prior partitions so the install can create it own. If you are changing from a MBR to a GPT configuration, you will need to remove all partitions.

    Do you have a license for 8.1 since an OEM key for 8.0 will not allow for an install of 8.1, you would probably need the general 8.1 key. The OEM key will probably activate it after installation.
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Frustrating problem with UEFI option in BIOS!
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