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Help with DOS syntax for file deletion

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    Help with DOS syntax for file deletion

    I am looking for the correct DOS syntax to achieve the following:

    In folder "C:\ABC":

    1) Delete ALLA folders, including their content.
    2) Delete any files that are in the root of "C:\ABC"

    I have tried a combination of RMDIR and DEL but I am not managing to delete folders.
    I can't find any examples of syntax online.

    Any idea how to achieve this?

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    Technically its not DOS, its a command shell. Have a look at this, Del Try del /? for a list of options.
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    Syntax : DELTREE [/Y] [drive:]path [[drive:]path[...]]

    So in your case : DELTREE /Y C:\ACB
    It will delete the ACB directories and all its subdirectories, files included. The /Y switch suppresses the prompt that asks for confirmation of each folder's deletion.
    You'll have to recreate the directory though. You can still do that under the command shell, type :
    C: (redirects you to drive C)
    CD \ (redirects you to the root of the drive)
    MD ACB (creates the directory)

    Be careful with DELTREE, it can be very dangerous if not used right.

    Edit :
    My bad, DELTREE doesn't exist anymore in this version of windows (still existed under XP I think, sigh). Here is the equivalent now :
    rd C:\ACB /s
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    Use: rd /S /Q [dir] ======> [dir] is the folder you want to remove => remove everything in [dir] including [dir] itself.
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Help with DOS syntax for file deletion
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