I purchased Win 8 Pro the day it came out for a ridiculously cheap price from Microsoft, and free Media Center upgrade. I held on to the disc but never used it. The other day I read that they would stop updating win 7 or something to that effect. I figured I would fire up my win8 cd and see what the hype was about. Install went pretty fast and problem free. I installed 8.1 from the store and then all hell broke loose. My computer would be doing nothing, just idling at the desktop or whatever. I would try to open a program or windows explorer, then for no apparent reason... Frozen, cant click on anything. If i click on the taskbar, it crashes and restarts explorer. but it wont re-load all my icons in the notification area. Any ideas? Should I go back to 7 and count the 14$ that I gave to M$FT a wash?

I used win 7 for over a year with this machine and never a hiccup. 2 days with win 8 and I'm pulling my hair out. WTH?

Maximus V Formula mobo
i7 3770k O/C to 4.4Ghz
16GB 1600 Mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM
256GB Samsung EVO SSD w/ RAPID mode enabled
ASUS Radeon 7870 GHz edition
All current 8.1 drivers from Asus and AMD installed.