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Accidently Deleted Desktop Folder: Windows 8.1

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    Accidently Deleted Desktop Folder: Windows 8.1

    I accidently deleted the desktop folder that holds most things like documents, downloads, google drive, dropbox, etc. I checked the recycle bin but it's now there. I searched on C drive and, of course, it's not there. I found it or something similar in File Explorer (but with a new name I believe). I copied the entire folder to the desktop. Now, when I add something to dropbox (one of the folders in the folder I deleted) the document is in dropbox on their website, but not in dropbox in the folder on the desktop that I just copied to. So....

    QUESTION: How do I locate the folder I accidently deleted that originally contained many important files (e.g., AppData, contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, favorites.... music, pictures) etc.?

    I was in the process of "sending to" the information from the original desktop folder to Dropbox as a backup - when the computer hiccupped or whatever and instead of clicking send to, clicked delete. The folder disappeared and is NOT in the Recycle Bin. Except for the one I found in the File Folder with a different name, I can't find what I deleted. Help.

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    One thing you need to do is turn on delete confirmation so you can't accidentally delete things. Right click on the Recycle Bin and select Properties. Check Display delete confirmation dialog.

    The other thing you need to do is start doing Image Backups so if something like this happens it's easy to recover.

    Lastly, give Recuva a try. See what it finds of your deleted files/folders.
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    I don't know if this will work for Windows 8. How do I restore the default Windows 7 "Desktop" folder? - Super User
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    From your description of its contents--

    "AppData, contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, favorites.... music, pictures, etc"

    --it sounds like what you deleted was your USER folder. Its name is not "Desktop" but your username.

    Look in the Recycle Bin for a folder with your username. I hope you find it.
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    WINUSER - I followed the link and tried the first recommendation given to that person: "Go to C:\Users\<username>....." and found a file that appears to be the right one. The only problem, it was not named the same as I had on the desktop, but rather, my email address. I can live with that, but then, when it provided instructions on how to copy it to the desktop, it said, "right-click - > properties -> Location method."
    1. What???? I right-clicked. No problem, but when I went to properties - the method didn't seem to follow. What am I doing wrong? Can you understand and provide a step-by-step?
    2. Is the email identified folder the same as the one from the desktop, but simply named differently? How can I tell - remember, I "deleted" the original one on the desktop.
    3. Finally, using File History, I was able to locate the original folder - at least one with the same name as that deleted, but it's inside the backup HD, but not a listed folder using the File History. If it was, I'd simply click on it then restore. When I right-click on the folder I found in File History and choose restore and/or restore to... I simply get a folder on my computer HD with AppData, or some other piece (not the entire) folder.

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    Is it in C:\Users\{username}\Links?
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Accidently Deleted Desktop Folder: Windows 8.1
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