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Are files safe in User folder if I do a Refresh

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    Are files safe in User folder if I do a Refresh

    Hello all, I was wondering if I move some data and video files to my User folder if they would be safe if I did a refresh. Have Win 8.1 w/o the new update. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

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    When you use the Refresh feature, Windows is still technically starting over with a fresh install of the operating system. The main difference is that the Refresh process automatically sets aside your data, Windows settings, and Metro apps, then puts them back where they belong once the OS is reinstalled. The result is a clean slate for your OS, but with your configuration settings and data intact.

    For more details: Refresh Windows 8

    I would back everything up to an external drive. You never know what might go wrong.
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    The only way to assure the safety of your data is to make backups. A minimum of 1 backup copy, 2 or more copies if the files are of particular importance. On this forum and others I have seen many stories where files were lost and there were no backups. In many cases the data was lost for good. This can happen even when you do everything right. Don't let it happen to you.
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    Thank you for the backup advice I am very aware of this but am more interested in specific info on file safety when placed in the User folder when doing a fresh. I read that this folder is excluded from modifications when doing an Refresh and was wondering if anyone had first hand experience with this.
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    Yes, I have done a refresh and it did not touch any of my user data and most of the installed programs were still okay as well.

    Even so, as Clintlgm said, "You never know what might go wrong", so a backup is your only safety net.
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    Great, thanks for the reply and relaying your experience with this. And yes backup backup backup always.
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Are files safe in User folder if I do a Refresh
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