Adding an SSD can make a world of difference specially with Win8. Overall responsiveness is greatly improved and boot speeds can be as short as 5 seconds depending on system and startup programs. My relatively modest system without fast boot UEFI, without Win8 "Fast startup" (because hyberfill is turned off) and 9 startup programs including AV, starts up completely in 12 seconds since I push Start button. I mean, it's connected to internet, comm programs are up and registered etc. Don't know why I did not get it before. In contrast to that, my dual boot Win7, installed on a HDD (admirably not a very fast one) takes almost 2 minutes to boot just to usable state. If you have SATA 3 or even SATA2 but with AHCI setting in BIOS you should seriously consider an SSD for Widows system at least. Does not have to be fastest one or very large or expensive. Office programs open in 2 seconds flat with a document in it, Firefox takes less than a second and most other programs up to 2-3 seconds if installed on that SSD.