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Can't drop things on desktop

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    Can't drop things on desktop

    I set up my Windows 8.1 notebook with a solid desktop color, which lets me read things I drop there, but I was unable to set up a friend's machine this way. First, on the Start screen I didn't see any "desktop" tile. Mine is the lower left tile on the Start screen and says "desktop." None of the other tiles on the Start screen seemed to be "desktop." When I typed "desktop" on the Start screen, though, the Search function showed the desktop icon and when I right-clicked it it offered "Remove from start screen" so it must be on the Start screen somewhere.

    Anyway, clicking the desktop icon that Search showed got me to the desktop, where I right-clicked and selected Personalize to set the background to a solid pale color. This worked. But when I sent Chrome to a site and tried to drag the URL from the Chrome address bar to the desktop and drop it, to create a link to that site, nothing appeared to happen. When I did the same thing again it complained that that link was already on the desktop! But I don't see anything on the desktop!

    Next I opened up This PC and tried to drag and drop the icon for the C disk onto the desktop, but again, nothing appeared to get dropped.

    Is this making any sense to anyone?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hello Toonbon,

    Check using the tutorial below to see if it may help to restore the Desktop tile on your friend's Start screen. Usually it'll still be on the Apps screen unless it was mistakenly deleted from the Start Menu folder.

    Desktop - Restore Missing Tile on Windows 8 Start Screen

    After it's restored, see if the desktop is working properly again.
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    Also check the resolution, Sounds like things are being placed off the screen.

    On the Desktop, you could right click on it and select Sort by name, see if that brings the missing icon into view.
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    Last edited by Brink; 22 Jul 2014 at 21:58. Reason: added tutorial link for more info
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    Thanks Edwin. That looks like the most likely problem. I'll try it as soon as I get back to her computer.
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Can't drop things on desktop
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