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Ghost Circles

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    Ghost Circles

    Any feedback appreciated! Have from 1-2 ghost circles intermittently on my screen (start and home). The circles are less than an inch in diameter and when there is only one, it sometimes has a cursor arrow inside the circle. When an "event" happens, I cannot scroll to charms menu or start screen and what I can access is limited. After a while, touch screen becomes unresponsive The only thing that removes this (temporarily) is using mouse to Stardock to get to start screen so I can reboot. It's almost like something doesn't want me to access power buttons to close it down. Looked at history and didn't see anything unusual. Scan reports are clean.

    Only 3 months old, 1.8 GHz, Intel Core i7, 8 GB Ram, dual core, and have 900MB free of 1TB hard drive. Have cleaned w/CCleaner, and has McAfee. Have reset calibration settings, turned off home-share. wireless mouse attached or not has no impact on problem. Have had the manuf.'s tech do a remote access, try to reset to earlier point, and stupid machine stuck in "initiating" for 50 minutes! He decided to take risk and stop process. Restarted ok, then no problem showing. This AM, problem starting all over again. Only programs manually opened today by me have been IE and FF explorers. Have spent hours and hours trying to fix. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. sorry for TMI.
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    Could you send us a screenshot of that image?
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    Do not see them. Take a picture with a decent camera. Keep in mind that they may not show up. You would need to have something like the following running, to see them better. Monitor Test: Color Test For Your LCD Monitor & TV Display Another one. Monitor Test Images
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    Thanks very much for responding. Broe23, if you've seen a blank pic, someone is playing w/ you. I haven't taken a pic yet because, at the moment, the touchpad is being picky but no circles. I'm certain I will see some today and will post a pic ASAP. Thanks.
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    Pic Capatured of a Ghost

    Attached is a pic of the latest "ghost" circle. It is very light gray, and this one can be seen at the cursor arrow.
    This is one of several that flashed on the screen last night and this time, flickered briefly.
    I've gone through what I know to check and have set calibrations to default, etc.

    A few references on the net mention the same gray circles. All instances involve a touch screen (like mine) and Windows 8 or 8.1 (like mine). Some call it the phantom touch mouse or ghost touch. It has also been suggested that more than one thing may cause the very same issue. The postings date way back to the first release of W8.

    Some posters propose is related to anything from: touchscreen hardware or calibration to overheating to mouse-lock issues.
    Like those reported, my issue is intermittent and has irritating unresponsive screen issues related to each occurrence.

    Unfortunately, no concrete fixes are offered.
    it's been suggested that a software fix needs to be offered as the issue is seen in a small but consistent % of new machines, and across !!!!!! manufacturers and across models.

    Suggestions, please. My livelihood is dependent on this laptop. Thanks.
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    Can you do a full screen capture rather than a digital picture. No context in your picture so impossible to understand where it is on the screen.

    To do a full screen capture, press the Print Screen key.
    Open paint then Ctrl+V to paste the screen capture in it.
    Save as a .jpg then upload here.
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Ghost Circles
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