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W8 Recovery/Restoration. No previous created points URGENT

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    W8 Recovery/Restoration. No previous created points URGENT

    Installed windows 8, had windows 7 previously so i never partitioned or anything just a fresh install. Had my 'windows.old' which was a previous session of windows 7 with my important documents, pics, music, vids. I've ran successful for 3-4 days no problems at all, i've even shutdown properly many times (figured it will make restore points) anyways today while moving from windows.old to my current Windows and Users folder. I was installing RocketUSB to try and get this USB Microphone to work. In the process i guess i forgot to check off something but Optimizer Pro really messed up my rigg.My whole desktop full of items, music documents,, video, and picture folder deleted. Some programs just vanished. Everything in my 'windows.old' is almost non existent. There is no documents just a lot of empty folders there and everything i freshly moved from windows.old to my current is ALL gone. I currently have zero existent document, from my old and new to what I've created thus far.

    1. I attempted to use system restore, but there is absolutely no restore points. I tried restoring my recycling bin but there was no old documents there. I looked up a few tutorials, programs and dis-checks to currently see if there was other issues besides Optimizer Pro. Well i never figured i'd be back in a forums but i really need help. I have no solution at the moment but will be running Recuva overnight and restoring what i can (first time Recuva user) So i do not know what to expect after this.
    2. Was wondering if anyone knew how i can perhaps unlock a restore point that's non existent to make it appear to the first day i freshly installed windows 8. I think there might be a trick out there, even if i have to reinstall 7 and maybe find a restore point there, though all my windows from 'windows.old' is non existent also.My harddrive has been with me for about 4-5 years with nominated information and work saved. I have a lot of text,passwords,portfolio work recovered. If theres any solution i've tried Recuva and System Restore, working real slow.
    3. Thanks for your help eightforums. srry for the wall of text.-JasoNy

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    Never rely on windows.old to retrieve you personal data, you should ideally back up your data to an external drive especially when upgrading your system.

    System restore points are created as needed determined by the type of update you install automatically. If you do not have any then none were created, see this:
    Restore Point Automatic Creation - Disable in Windows

    Suggest you do a Refresh:
    Refresh Windows 8

    Your programs will have to be reinstalled but your data should remain intact, back up the data anyways before proceeding.
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    Hello Nucci, so what am i doing with my deleted files? Are you suggesting i reinstall W8 then there will be a restore point, and show up automatically or using Recuva? Thanks for the reply.
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    Using Recuva now will help you get some of your data files back, it will take a long while. Back them up to an external drive. Then perform the system Refresh per the tutorial I supplied above.

    Windows creates restore points as needed automatically. You could also create a restore point manually see this tutorial:
    System Restore Point Shortcut - Windows 7 Help Forums

    System restore reverts system changes but does not get data files back.
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    Not only does Windows not make a restore point every day, like maybe we'd like for it to, there are several Cleanup or Optimizer programs that will Delete old restore points.

    I realize, that telling you to close the barn door, after the horse got out and ran away, isn't solving your immediate problem. Eh?

    But this can be considered a "Learning" experience. First, if you consider any data file, DOC, JPG or whatever as important to you, it should not ONLY be saved to your Hard Drive. That mechanical device can bite the dust at any moment of any day and there will be NO Possible Recovery.

    How do I know this? From very painful past experience, that's how!
    Then there was the day I came home from work and my computer was GONE, Stolen! Even my backup disks, setting next to the PC were gone too. But if my house had just burned down, the result would have been the same. Very important data, should be burned to DVD's and saved "OFF PREMISES" Not in your house.

    At the very least, to prevent a data loss like you've just experienced, a large capacity Flash Drive (the cheapest alternative) left plugged into your PC and written to daily or at least OFTEN, is a good hedge against a hard drive problem that involves data loss.

    I set up data backup systems for my customers, who won't do Whole Drive backups, using the old DOS command "XCOPY", in a batch file, writing their data to a Flash Drive. I use the same backup system on my own PC, writing my data to a 32GB Flash Drive and also a 1TB, external hard drive.

    There is also a Reg. Script that I run from my STARTUP folder, that forces a new Restore point every time I boot up my PC (daily).
    I have to fall back on a Registry Restore about once a month on my own PC.
    Good Luck,

    PS: I would never, ever, use that Optimizer Pro program.
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    Thanks a lot Nucci and TechnoMage; Helped explain my saddness in paragraphs.
    I'm Saving all i could and starting a fresh in my backup drives. The worst about going about is that i had two 2TB Externals just never shouved all my files right away. I lazy boyed it and pointed it out dragging them to my current Windows.

    It all started when installed a adaware version of RocketUSB. I guess i didn't decline the offer of Optmizer Pro(Adaware) and next thing i look back to my desktop EVERYTHING is gone including my wallpaper. It reminded me of the good ol days in XP i guess where you REALLY have to back everything up. It really does tear me apart to see 400gigs of personal information just vanish in about 8seconds. Nothing i can do now but just sulk.

    Hey TechnoMage someone broke into my house and stole my PC too lol back in 2006, one of my first PC's.

    Thanks Eightforums!~

    -Jason M.
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    I'm weirded out that i can't go back to it's original first day like every other windows version let us. I've only had W8 for 4 days and i can't reach back to day 1. This OS is the DEVIL
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    Soo finally after extensive useless research from lifehacker and other forums i came accross a program called "PC TOOLS | FILE RECOVER" from a Private Torrent site. Downloaded and works golden! Getting all my files as we speak, found all the documents i am in dire need of.

    Will keep this thread to help myself to finally create restore points. Thanks for the support members of the eightforums.
    If anyone has any question or remarks for this programs send in a private message.

    Keep it real,
    -JASON M.
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W8 Recovery/Restoration. No previous created points URGENT
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