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Inconsistent taskbar peek behavior

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    Inconsistent taskbar peek behavior

    I have windows 8.1 (fully updated on a surface pro. I find that when I have set the taskbar to always combine buttons and attempt to hover over a group of open windows and try to preview ("peek") at a given window, it will automatically disengage peek as though I moved my mouse off, even if I haven't touched the mouse.

    For example, suppose I have outlook open with several emails open. If I hover over that cluster on the taskbar, all of the open windows pop-up. This is where the crazy starts. If I leave the mouse there, undisturbed, the windows will retreat. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen, but i don't like it. it happens at what feels like random intervals and it's annoying.

    The next problem is about the actually "peek" function. After popping the windows up via hover, if I slide over to an individual windows, all other windows with turn transparent and leave the selected window visible (the way it is supposed to). Again, how long I'm allowed to see this is random. In some cases it will disappear instantly. In some cases, after a few beats. In others, it will stay until I move the mouse.

    I don't understand why this isn't working. Any thoughts?

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    About first problem : That's not "Normal", it should stay where and as it is.
    As for second one: When you move cursor to "peeked" window, all other ones temporally close with only the one cursor is opens or stays open. The speed that happens, I found out (that's with W7 too), depends on a program it shows, some work faster some slower. I guess it has something to do with grip on the "focus" that program has.
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    Thanks for the reply. In reference to the second problem, it's not so much the speed at which it happens. The problem is the when it decides it's going to stop doing it. It starts without delay, but it disappears randomly without me moving my mouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taward View Post
    Thanks for the reply. In reference to the second problem, it's not so much the speed at which it happens. The problem is the when it decides it's going to stop doing it. It starts without delay, but it disappears randomly without me moving my mouse.
    Wander if that has something to do with mouse driver or it's settings. Could it be that it goes to "sleep" when it has nothing to do (wireless ones are known to do that).
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    I created an account here just to reply to this thread.

    This is the most annoying issue, and I have it too.
    I'm also on a surface pro 3, and had the issue on windows 8.1, and still now on windows 10.
    I have been able to narrow it down to the dock - if the SP3 is plugged into the dock, then it happens. As soon as I undock it, the aero peek is stable.
    Considering all the problems people have with the dock.. well i guess this is just another to add to the list.

    Strangely this is the only mention of this bug i could find on the entire internet. This is my excuse for digging up a year old thread Maybe no one else who uses a dock has noticed or cares? I was really hoping the upgrade to win10 would fix it, but now i think it's actually some fail on the dock side. Also I don't think the OP has two separate issues. I think it's the same issue manifesting in different areas.

    Anyways, this whole post is just a "me too", no fix here. running without a dock isn't an option in a work environment.
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Inconsistent taskbar peek behavior
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