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SLOW Tedious Windows Explorer startup: what causes?

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    SLOW Tedious Windows Explorer startup: what causes?

    seeing something I have not noticed on other 8.1's I've worked on. Samsung NP365E5C.. everything about the laptop is clean and pretty zippy EXCEPT Windows Explorer. Especially, best I can tell, the first run [first "open folder"] after a restart or login. At first you will see "Empty" folder... No items, then you get the green "thermometer" visual in the address bar, tediously making its way through a search, apparently, then the folder will begin to populate, all in slow-mo.

    ???? I'm clueless.

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    Hi Cognmus,
    first thought,
    Is indexing enabled in the folder options

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    I've personally noticed that, and I do know what you're talking about.
    The green crawler shows you that Explorer is reading the directory for the entire hard drive, so it can display whatever folder or files you choose. It should only have to do that once per session.

    That may be slower if you have a lot of services, TSR's and/or programs running at the same time. It might get really slow if your AV program is doing a scan. Since it has to read the directory entry for EVERY file on the HD, keeping your HD clean of junk files can help to solve the problem.

    To maximize efficiency, I try real hard to minimize all the background programs that run on my PC. If it's not absolutely, positively and 100% necessary to be running, I disable or delete it.
    On XP, I disabled up to 24 services, but on 8 or 8.1 that number goes up to around 40, services that I don't need and don't want running. Every running service takes up RAM and CPU time.

    I found a great list of Services and what ones could be either disabled or put into Manual mode, on the "Black Viper" web site.

    Just a thought.....

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    2 possibilities that might have caused this problem:
    1. The Hard Drive might be corrupted. Open the elevated command prompt and run:
      - chkntfs /T:10 ==> Set the coundown time to 10 sec before chkdsk run, just in case you want to abort.
      - chkdsk /r /f C: ==> Requires reboot and will take a while to complete.

      If the problem is fixed then you are done. If not, go to step 2
    2. Incompatible Shell Extension:
      Please download: ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows This program does not require installation, just right click and run as Administrator
    3. From the menu, click on Options then click on Filter by Extension Type and select Context Menu
    4. On the list, you'll see some of the entries with pink background, those are installed by the third party software
    5. Hold down CTRL Key and select all of them then click on the red button on top left corner to disable.
    6. Click on the Options again and select Restart Explorer
    7. Now try to open Windows Explorer to see if it fixes your problem. If it does then start to enable one by one and repeat step 6 until the problem occurs again, that's the offending extension.
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    There was a Microsoft KB update, that caused part of this. I forget which one it was specifically. I do believe it was right before 8.1 came out, when it created this problem.
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    I'm a bit out of my depth on this and this may be off on the wrong track but one thing I have had that caused the very slow progress bar on opening libraries or "this PC" was my wi-fi printer being off line (as in not turned on which how it is most of the time). The printer has an inbuilt card reader and that shows as a networked drive if I recall correctly, and if its not available then the above happens. The answer was just to right click and delete it.
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    Yup. Now that you mention it, that green super slow progressbar is a tip off that it's searching the network. Even non-indexed drives don't search that slowly.
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SLOW Tedious Windows Explorer startup: what causes?
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