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W8. Dual Boot 2xSSDs - checking/repairing drives on bootup

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    W8. Dual Boot 2xSSDs - checking/repairing drives on bootup

    Hi guys,

    My sincere apologies for the long post but I'm trying to be as clear and detailed as possible from the start.

    I have W8 installed on 2 Samsung SSDs - one is 840 Pro and the other is 840 Evo. This is because I work on both video and music production and would like to keep things separate.

    At first I tried cloning an "old" SSD on to both Pro and Evo to make life easy, but it was a total mess:

    I would boot W8 on either Evo or Pro, and before the password prompt, Windows would fire up a Checkdisk on one (or more) of the 5 HD I have (please find the logs and disklayout in the attachments).

    This would usually happen if for eg, I'm working on Evo and then I restart to work on Pro - or vice-versa.

    But sometimes I would be working on either one of them, and this flag notification would popup asking me to restart because Windows needs to perform a diskcheck.

    What is strange to me is that if I do a manual diskcheck (right-click -> Properties -> Tools), it would complete it, the notification disappears but would return a second or two later.

    There was a minor issue where for eg, some options in the Control Panel were still pointing to drive H: which before the cloning, was my original C: drive.

    Otherwise all software was working perfectly fine.

    So I decided to do a clean re-install on both Pro and Evo hoping to solve this diskcheck issue once and for all.

    This was 10 days ago, and for the past 10 days I had used almost exclusively the Evo drive. Today I need to work on Pro but Windows wouldn't get past the diskcheck and on to the password prompt.

    It's saying "Preparing for Repair", then changes to "Diagnosing your PC" but then this blue screen pops up asking me to choose between Shut Down or Advanced Options.

    This happened on rare occasions, but before the fresh install, I would do this perhaps a couple of times in a row (i.e. go to the blue screen Advanced Options and click Exit and Continue to W8) restart, and it would eventually go past the diskcheck and allow me to log in and work. But today it just won't do it.

    EDIT: I don't know if it matters but as it is now, it automatically boots up on Pro unless I hit F12 and choose to boot on Evo. But as I said earlier I had only been using Evo for the past 10 days since the re-install.

    Attached please find the Srt logfiles which I found by following a path shown to me on that blue screen.

    The strange thing is that the path started with drive H: and to be honest I have no idea why drive H: and not C: (i.e. the Pro drive, being the current Windows boot drive). But when I booted on Evo, and went on drive J: (the drive letter that Pro is assigned when I'm on Evo), I found the logfiles there.

    I would really appreciate your input because I'm at a complete loss at this point.

    Thank you so much and I apologize again for the lengthy post.

    Thank you for your time,
    W8. Dual Boot 2xSSDs - checking/repairing drives on bootup Attached Files
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    If you have the "faststartup/fastboot" enabled onWin8 multiboot systems it can cause those checkdisk issues. Try disabling that option on both SSD's.
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    Hi owenspal,

    I did try to disable it on the Evo drive. But the Pro one is not allowing me to log in. It stops at check disk, before the password prompt, then it either freezes on a black screen or it restarts and does the same thing.

    A friend of mine suggested to create another user profile and install everything on one SSD (there is enough space).

    Do you think this would solve the issue, please?

    Right now I unplugged the Pro (video stuff), this way I can work in peace on music stuff on my Evo drive.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    It would really help us to help you if you have the rest of your System Specs filled out so we know exactly what you have in your PC ie. RAM, HD's, Power Supply etc...

    Since your PC constantly doing chkdsk on one or more of your 5 HD's, that makes me think whether your Power Supply produces enough juice to handle all 5 HD's + the rest of the components in your PC.

    In the mean time, open the case and make sure all the cables are tightly connected.
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W8. Dual Boot 2xSSDs - checking/repairing drives on bootup
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