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I Got My Nan And My Dad To Use Windows 8

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    I Got My Nan And My Dad To Use Windows 8

    I recently got my Nan and Dad to use Windows 8, they both know ho to use a computer and use them regularly, but they found Windows 8 extremely difficult to use, here are the video's that i recorded of them while trying to navigate the OS:

    My Nan Using Windows 8:

    My Dad Using Windows 8:

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    lol they will be pros in a week of continuous usage!
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    As usual. Without help many can be stuck forever anywhere; the first screen with the clock, the start screen, the desktop, any app without close button... It even hurts to see them desperately clicking everywhere.

    This just can't work well when released for the average users.
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    Why did MS think they could release win 8 in this state?

    There are more perfect examples of how regular folk will be stuck in limbo for eternity.

    They must surely be going to make some changes.

    Suicide if they don't.

    MS should be thanking all of us who have been telling them what the biggest problems are.

    In fact, they should be paying us - I don't know what the consultants they used charged them - but they have had the right advice from me.
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    Lots of examples of this kind of thing :

    This guy starts off ok through a stroke of luck - then gets stuck - has no idea to run any of his programs - stuck in main ui as usual.

    He says it is not intuitive.
    This is terrible

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    This guy is smart enough, he said he will Google to find it...... I think MS is just testing peoples, I can't believe they will leave it that way. This make no sense; if I make those peoples try Linux Mint they will be able to use it, ( at least until they try to install something )
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    Microsoft needs to put something on the lock screen, and in some other places like the start button, to make it more obvious for non-geeks
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    As far back as I can remember, Microsoft has alway had a video after the initial install, I cant see this being any different. This is a beta aimed at people that have at least some knowledge of computers.
    I bought the new ipad the other day and tried to connect portable hdds and USB sticks to it through an adapter, so I could transfer music and photos over to it.
    I spent over an hour trying to get this stuff to work and felt like a complete fool when it didnt. Finally I rembered the power cord had a USB connector on it, hooked it up to my PC with iTunes and bazinga it worked. I still dont know why the other stuff doesnt, some Apple thing so you have to spend more money I suppose.
    This just goes to show that a little bit of learning is needed on just about anything.
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    These videos are stupid. Of course, having never used Windows 8, ANYBODY will stumble around at first. Look at the last few pages of this Windows 95 review:

    The "Against" comments from people sound strikingly similar to many people's complaints about Windows 8. There will be a learning curve, but that is part of life. MS can't simply maintain the status quo unless they want to be left in the dust by their competitors.

    I quite like the tile screen -- it is particularly useful once you get your most frequently used applications on it, as well as tiles for shut down and restart. I am also a big fan of the new advanced menu which is accessed by pressing Win+X or right clicking in the bottom left corner of the screen. The start menu isn't gone either. It's the Metro screen, which can be opened and closed in the exact same way (left clicking the bottom left corner of the screen). It has most of the same functionality as well. The main Metro screen is similar to the actual start menu, while the "All apps" is the very same as all programs.

    You can also still hit the start button, begin typing the name of the program you want to open, and hit enter. IMO once you get familiarized with the changes, it is quite nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Why did MS think they could release win 8 in this state?
    They didn't. It hasn't been released. It's a beta.
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I Got My Nan And My Dad To Use Windows 8
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