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Disable Metro in Windows 8

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    Disable Metro in Windows 8

    Does anyone know how to disable the metro? I went into regedit but couldn't find the right key. I know you can refuse it while loading the OS but I don't want to spend the time re-loading. I don't care for the metro and I'm not alone on this. I tried to look it up on the web up didn't have much luck so can anyone point me in the right direction and please don't point me to Windows 7 because I have learn Microsofts OS's every since DOS 1 and if I have to learn and use the metro then that is what I will do but do I have a choice?

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    Unfortunately, Windows 8 CP, currently at least, doesn't provide a way to disable Metro. Under DP it was possible to modify:


    And change the RPEnabled value from 1 to 0 but this option has been removed. It's a question of waiting for something else to come along.

    If you're really desperate, there are some 'hacks' that basically switch the Metro interface to the Desktop at logon, but it's not quite the same as disabling it. Have a read through Is there a way to boot and start with the desktop instead of Metro? I think there's another thread here too.
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    I was, from first look at the early releases of Windows 8, a hater of the Metro interface. I still find it extremely ugly, but, after trimming the icons to my most frequently used shortcuts, and incorporated one or two others, I have slowly got into using it. In the end (I am not talking about the "touch" facility), it is only another presentation of the old windows 7 menu. With a little experiment, and trying out a few different (some hidden, for reasons unknown!) ways of looking at the Metro, it isn't altogether a waste of time. Hopefully, with the next release, we will have a few ways to customise it so that it looks a little more acceptable.
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    Yes, with a bit of faffing around it's not so bad as it at first appears.

    It is possible to do most things from the main ui.

    It is also possible to rake the garden with a dining fork.
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Disable Metro in Windows 8
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