Since yesterday, when I changed my lock screen and desktop background/window color, I've been unable to get my Windows 8.1 desktop and laptop to sync settings. I don't know what happened because it was working before.

After restarting both computers, I did some Google searching and found this forum. I've tried the solution found here: Windows 8.1 Sync settings - Desktop background not syncing

My situation is different, though, because I do have the "Synced Theme" available. It just doesn't seem to want to update. The lock screen is also not updating, so I can only assume that none of the settings are since I haven't changed anything else.

Anyway, I did all the steps from the post above (checked to make sure that syncing was enabled, deleted old backup information, and then saved the correct theme). Now, all I can see in OneDrive is the message "You donít have any devices that are backing up settings to OneDrive," even though both computers have syncing enabled.

Both computers have sat unused for over two hours and no updating has happened at all. I don't know what to do. Please help!