I'm on an HP laptop running 8.1 (the laptop came with 8 and I updated through the app store). I want to shrink the C drive and extend the D partition that the machine came with. I learned from google that Windows can now shrink the C drive (which sounded awesome), but it only let me remove 40 of the 600GB of free space. I tried to use KPartition and GParted like I used to, but they can't read or touch it (despite installing ntfs-3g), saying Windows has some sort of hold on the partition.

I tried reinstalling from the recovery USB it had me create, but that gives me factory partitioning!

Here's what we have at this point

1)40MB Healthy (Recovery Partition)
2)260MB Healthy
3)C:/ (866 GB) (600 free)
4) Newly unallocated space
5)450MB Health
6)D:/ (25GB)

What we want
1)Whatever is needed to run the computer (as we would have our MBR)
2)C:/ ~300 GB
3)D:/ (filling up the rest of the drive)

I don't understand why we're not allowed to get the ISO anymore, or control our partitions. I don't want EUFI< as all it seems to do is make dual-booting harder and break things. I don't want any recovery partition at all of any kind; I just want to be able to do a clean install if necessary, using the partitions I've created, as I always have since windows 95 and continue to do with linux.

Is it possible to do this, or is it simply time to throw Microsoft Windows in the trash heap for good?