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What is required for telephony integration with Outlook?

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    What is required for telephony integration with Outlook?


    I don't use Skype and I'm not interested in it; my query is about making regular phone calls from Outlook 2013.

    I recently purchased a Plantronics Savi 745M and it came with a USB cable that can be used to connect to my computer. Although I didn't expect it to work just like that, I then tried to dial from Outlook but it says "Call Status: No Microsoft telephony services are installed." So I thought that maybe Telephony services weren't running, but they are; it is now obvious that to install and properly configure my system for this to work.

    Does anyone know exactly what I need to do to get Outlook 2013 to integrate with my telephone so that it can dial?

    I also own a USB fax/modem and the thought there was that maybe once I plug my landline into it, then Outlook would then be able to dial.

    If you know exactly what I need to buy, install and configure to get Outlook 2013 to dial for me, please let me know. I'd be satisfied for it to work with my landline, but if there is also a way to get it to work with my cell, that would be great, too! Note that my landline telephone integrates with my cell, in case that makes a difference.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro on a Surface Pro 2.


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    Google gives you quite a few possibilities: What is required for telephony integration with Outlook
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    Thanks, but I already tried that and many other searches but could not determine exactly what I needed to buy/install/configure.

    Again, I'm NOT looking for Skype integration and the very first search result from the Google link you provided is about Skype. What I'm looking for is advice from someone who has done it and is using it and can give me the specific/step-by-step instructions to get Outlook 2013 to be able to integrate with my land/cell line to make calls.
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What is required for telephony integration with Outlook?
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