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Redirected from BSOD forum/Boot issues after reboot

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    Redirected from BSOD forum/Boot issues after reboot

    Hey guys,

    So this is not an issue about how to solve a BSOD, first off. It is to do with the reboot process involved with one.

    I'll copy and paste my hypothesis from the BSOD forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoChipCookie View Post
    I think I've figured out a reason for all the problems though. When the system reboots, it doesn't make a dump file, but what's more, it doesn't detect the hard drive on the automatic reboot. I have to manually reboot after the automatic reboot for it to be detected. I know this, because when going into the BIOS, only the disc drive is available to boot from. No HDD. My conclusion is that my HDD is damaged, however, the diagnostics showed nothing wrong with it. At least the one time I ran them. I will run them again, and await a reply in response to the admin.extv results.

    I was redirected to this forum to this forum by usasma to get help on booting issues, and reasons why my hard drive would simply not be detected on an automatic reboot. Or simple stop working to begin with, causing a BSOD.

    Thanks ahead of time for any assistance guys.

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    If it's disappearing from BIOS that is almost certainly the cause of the failure and lack of a dump file.

    First thing to do is unplug and replug and the cables connecting the HDD to the mother board and power supply, making sure they are completely seated at both ends.

    Next, reset the BIOS by powering down and removing the power cord.
    Remove the CMOS battery.
    Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to drain all the capacitors and scramble the BIOS.
    Install the CMOS battery, connect the power cord and power up.
    You should get an error about BIOS config, press F1 to continue, F2 to enter Setup.
    Press F2. Set date and time, set drive config and boot order/priority.
    Save and boot normally, see how it runs.

    If still a problem then replace the hard drive.
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    After resetting the BIOS and replacing the hard drive I'm still getting crashes and they aren't being recognized on reboot. Note I went through 2 additional hard drives because I used one from Best Buy while my RMA was coming. The crashes are continuing. I'm at a loss at this point. The only thing I can think of it being right now is the motherboard, and I have a replacement handy, I just was wondering if you guys think that, since it isn't the hard drive's fault, is the only explanation that the HDD can't be read that the motherboard for a time just stops recognizing it until a manual reboot (which seems to be the case) and would a new Mobo fix the problem?
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    Please fill in your System Specs. See here: How to See Your System Specs with "System Info"

    Replacing the motherboard is a fairly easy task so it would be a good idea to try it. If it fixes the problem all is well. If not you can put the other board back or keep the newly installed one. If you keep the new one and it's not exactly the same as the old you will probably have to re-activate Windows.
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Redirected from BSOD forum/Boot issues after reboot
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