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Dual Boot Linux preventing Windows boot

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    Dual Boot Linux preventing Windows boot


    I recently felt the urge to experiment with Linux and installed Ubuntu Mint and tried to set up dual booting.

    However I seem to have only suceeded in preventing Windows booting at all. I cannot get into the recovery drive to undo my wrong doing.

    How can I reset the windows boot manager without access to windows or recovery partitions?

    Many thanks in advance from a frustrated fool!

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    Try this -- although it says W7 the same mechanism works for W8 / W8.1

    uninstall - Removing GRUB from windows system after uninstalling Ubuntu from Windows 7 - Ask Ubuntu

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    Unfortunately I do not have an installation disk as this is stored on a partition and the recovery partition is unavailable?
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    Then you can download a repair disc from the internet. For Windows 7 I used a Lenovo recovery disk. But any legal/illegal installer media will do that.
    You will need to do a boot repair.
    There is a chance that it might not work though.
    With hiren's boot CD you can start a BOOTMGR and start windows. Also, what's the problem with grub? In most cases, it becomes the default bootloader and you can select windows from there.

    Also, before multibooting with Win8, YOU MUST TURN OFF THESE:
    quick boot
    and you must set legacy bootmenu
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    Can we assume your Windows 8 install was configured as UEFI? If it was, have you checked the bios to see if the Windows Boot manager is still an option you can select?

    There are some Linux distros that work fine with UEFI and Windows 8 secure boot, such as Ubuntu 14.04, but being aware of these configurations before you install is very helpful in achieving the result you want.
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    You need to provide what error?

    Mint is fine with UEFI but not secure boot - If you can boot Mint I doubt the latter is the problem.

    Is GRUB chainloading from the correct partition?

    You can download Grubcustomiser and rebuild it to make sure... if that's the problem.
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    Windows 8.1

    - Grub is working fine but the windows options shown fail with the following error:
    File \BCD
    Status Oxc0000098
    Info: Boot configuration data file doesn't contain valid information for an operation system

    as above windows fails with above error.

    Grub is working fine but the options listed do not. How do i check if
    GRUB is chainloading from the correct partition?
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    Search for Disk - check which partition Windows has been installed (sda0..sdb1 whatever) and compare with Grub windows menu entry

    You may wanna rebuild MBR from terminal prompt like this as well...
    Mini-Howto: Restore Windows MBR/Bootloader with Linux | Robert Penz Blog

    1. Solution
    sudo apt-get install syslinux
     if the package got installed use following to write the MBR.
    sudo dd if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sda
     2. Solution
    sudo apt-get install mbr
     if the package got installed use following to write the MBR.
    sudo install-mbr -i n -p D -t 0 /dev/sda
    NB you still need to check for correct windows partition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barcanez View Post
    - Grub is working fine but the windows options shown fail with the following error:
    Maybe it wants to load the recovery partition. I'm not used to work with laptops, and I hate those recovery partition thing...
    Life was easier without them... Like the HP pavilion DV5, a packed PC.

    Solving the problem of missing Windows 7 entry in grub2 on Fedora 18 | (mostly) Boring Talk

    This could be helpful. But the first thing I do in such situation is a Windows boot repair. If it's successful, I add the grub menu shortcut to the windows bootmanager via easybcd and that's all.
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Dual Boot Linux preventing Windows boot
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