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WIN8.1 not seeing files written in WIN7

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    WIN8.1 not seeing files written in WIN7

    Win7 installed on SSD for 1 year now. 2 more HDD: one 2TB (name K: ) one 4TB (name T: )
    About 3 weeks ago tried WN8.1 on a third HDD (1TB). After install all looked OK. Boot on WIN7 and windows tried to check disk. I let it and all looked OK. Worked normally in WIN7 and add 300GB+ of MXF files (video recorded with my camera) and 100GB+ on NEF.
    After a week (approximate) boot again in WIN8.1 . Moved from another 1TB HDD (name J: ) 55GB date on partition T (4TB HDD) and downloaded from camera 6GB MXF on partition K. On this moment I realized that on K I don't see recent MXF wrote on WIN7 after last WIN8.1 boot.
    Boot again in WIN7 and let it do Check Disk. No result: in WIN7 a see only what I see in WIN8.1. Check Disk made an FOUND.000 on K but no files. On T I had back-up all K but some back-up was not complete after writing 55GB on it in WIN8.1.
    Now I'm scanning with recovery programs but on T I thing all is lost because of those 55GB wrote. On partition K a don't see hundred of GB (1.14TB see windows as properties of files but only 150GB free on partition so ther ar some files that ar not see by WIN7 or WIN8.1). On T partition no unseen files (total partition space - free space = total file properties).
    For testing I tried on another 1TB HDD: partition created in WIN7 and write file on it, boot WIN8.1 and see all files, boot again WIN7 and write another files, boot WIN8.1 and second write files are not seen.
    Now I bought new 4TB HDD for scaning partition K and saving all files from it on new HDD. At this moment I have aprox. 100GB of NEF and MXF on partition K that was overwrite in back-up on partition T and for the moment is lost.
    PS: For me didn't work dual boot with WIN7 and WIN8.1

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    After 2 days I recovered lost files using TestDISK 7.0 (free software). I'm not sure if this is the best recovery software but for me it worked.
    Did someone else try dual boot with WIN7 and WIN8.1? Did it work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by baubau View Post
    After 2 days I recovered lost files using TestDISK 7.0 (free software). I'm not sure if this is the best recovery software but for me it worked.
    Did someone else try dual boot with WIN7 and WIN8.1? Did it work?
    The problems you had with files are probably due to different formats for large disks of 4BG. Test disk is a good program, I used it mostly for CD/DVD recovery but I'm using Free Data Recovery Software Download to Recover Deleted Files - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition now for HDDs. It has many options.
    Long time now I'm dual booting W7 and W8 / 8.1 but on separate disks. each OS installed without other disks presence so nothing gets mixed up. After I used EasyBCD 2.2 to make custom boot choices.
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    Thank you for your response! I will not mix again WIN7 and WIN8.1 on same HDDs.
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WIN8.1 not seeing files written in WIN7
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