Hello, the other day I looked at my Event Viewer, which I usually look at every week or so. However, it's been a while since I have and I usually only look at the Windows Logs section and only the Application, Security & System ones.

When I did look at it the other day, I found this one error (Store Licensing, Event ID: 512) that keeps occurring, but found that it's not a critical error, tried this site and many others, but it still occurs, but since it's not critical, I'll live with it.

The problem now is that I only exported the key for the Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskRingtone/Analytic and not the whole registry (stupid, yeah I know). Plus, I was trying to do other things at the same time when deleting it, so now I have a new error, which is that the registry key that was below it in RegEdit is missing. Since I was not paying attention, I accidentally deleted this key instead of the one I meant to and didn't realize it until later.

That key is the Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskSyncProvider/Analytic and the exact message is the "The specified channel could not be found. Check channel configuration."

So what I'm after is if somebody could look in their registry and give me the values I need to recreate that key or tell me where to find these? I tried to undelete it in RegEdit, but no luck. I'm assuming it too is not a critical error, but I'd still like to recreate it.

My system:
- Gateway DX4375G
- AMD A6 5200 APU with Radeon Graphics HD 8400
- Window 8 64-bit (from store), have upgraded to 8.1 and installed all updates

I've attached a screen shot of the error message.


Click image for larger version