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Freezes when streaming videos

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    Freezes when streaming videos

    I have brand new MSI GT60 laptop with GTX870M ,i7-4800MQ CPU and 8gb ram.

    There is a random 2-3 second freeze every few minutes while i am streaming videos(any site - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News, youtube, etc). they don't play smoothly at all , they play so laggy. during this freeze audio does not loop or freeze, it continues normally.

    i have tried the following
    1. i have updated all the drivers video, network, sound.
    2. Tried a different browser (both Firefox and Chrome).
    3. Used the killer cleaner and installed the pure drivers.
    4. Tried the killer package from MSI support page, recovery disc and the version from Qualcomm site.
    5. Gave up and installed a brand new windows 8.1 as a secondary boot, same issue.
    6. tried disconnecting all USB devices and everything , still freezes.

    Seriously i don't know what other options i have

    This particular issue could not be a temp thing, since it starts right from the moment i switch on the laptop. Also i don't notice any lags when i am playing games or playing videos using some video player(BS player/VLN)

    Its not an internet issue as well, videos would have completely buffered already but would still freeze.
    Looks like a flash player issue, i have tried 3 versions of flash player (11,13,14 ) all have this issue, i just cant solve this.

    What else can i do? Could it be a hardware issue ?

    I have also run some traces, uploaded trace files here
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    1. Check if you have the latest Flash Player: Adobe Find Flash version . The latest version is:
    2. When playing video from Youtube, right click on the screen->Settings and uncheck Enable Acceleration to see if it helps.
    3. Update your Video driver.

    If all fails. What is your internet speed ?
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    As i told in OP, i have tried all 3 versions (latest 14.00.145, 13 and 11), tried disabling Acceleration, tried all 3 versions of video driver (only 3 exists for my graphics card)..

    My internet speed is 20mbps .. its not internet issue , my other old laptop plays videos with no such freezes , also freezes happen only in the buffered part of the video.
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    Did you run Chrome and/or Firefox without Flash, so that you could be then using HTML5 to play the videos? Then if it still ran badly you could rule out Flash as the issue.

    How about booting a Linux operating system from a boot cd, Puppy is easy to figure out. If it is still bad then it would seem like you have a hardware issue, since you are taking Windows and Windows drivers out of the picture.
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    I have tried Youtube HTML5 videos which did not have these freezes ... but still i need the flash player for many other sites.
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Freezes when streaming videos
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