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The folder "Programmer" changed to "Program Files" HELP!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by efraim View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Katten View Post
    When i click "Rename" and i rename the folder to "Programmer", the folder automaticly renmaes itself to "Program Files"!!!

    I suggest you to check the following link:
    How to Customize Folders with Desktop.ini (Windows)

    I gess that ther desktop.ini file inside your program files folders is damaged/deleted....
    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm guessing since the OP is 4 months old the problem is solved. Sadly, many posters don't return to mark a problems as solved.

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    I may be missing something but there's a few Folders that are default to a Windows installation and have not seen that changeable except maybe by reprogramming Windows itself. One such Folder is Program Files on 32-bit Windows, two others are Programs Files plus Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows. Another is Users. There cannot be two or more Folders of the exact same name in the root of the HDD [x:\] or as subFolders or two or more files of the same name in the same Folder.

    In this case if the Programmers Folder holds installed programs Windows may be over-riding the name change.
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    Please read Post #7 by Kari. It explains how the "other" language names work. Here is a quick quote but read Kari's post for a complete explanation.
    In the OP situation the "Program Files" folder is still there but the "Programmer" link is missing.

    To summarize:
    Windows system files, folders, apps and tools are always named in English. If Windows is installed using any other language than English, the system creates localized links to all these files, folders, apps and tools so the user could see everything in his / her own language.

    When using File Explorer you will by default see the folder, app and tool names in your language, in your case in Danish and in my case in Finnish. However these are only links to allow you to have a more completely localized Windows experience, the real folders and apps have English names.

    As a user you should never change these system names. Your File Explorer will and should show Programme link which points to Program Files folder, as well as the Brugere link which points to Users folder and so on. This is how Windows functions by design, it is not an issue but instead a system created to give you more localized Windows experience.

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The folder "Programmer" changed to "Program Files" HELP!!!
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