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windows 8.1 vs ubuntu 14.04

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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    throw a bit wine in your beer and its still beer ,throw wine at linux and its still linux, if your a gamer stay with windows,as already said win8.1 is a big improvement over 8.0 ,or so they say ,not a gamer so i dont know shite about it really ,lol

    i have tried linux a dozen times in the last 14 years ,and i like it for its speed and neat features ,but just to much of a learning curve for my lack intelligence ,doh

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    Why choose between Linux and Windows when you can have both in more than few optional ways. ?
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    Linux verses windows

    If you are a gamer use windows If you are a computer user use Linux, If you want to control what your computer needs to do use Linux if you if you want to have your computer do what it wants and you have very little control use windows.If you are a active computer user use Linux if you want to be a button pusher with not much computer knowledge use windows it will do what it thinks you need.
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    Hi there

    On a windows forum far be it from me to elaborate on the relative merits of various Linux Distros - however in this case I think I ought to mention a salient point here -- you say you don't like the direction Windows is heading -- I'd suggest also in that case you keep CLEAR of Ubuntu -- it's now tied up with Canonical and with the Unity stuff and making a lot more proprietary Ubuntu has managed to severely start going against the whole concept of Open source for Linux and a lot of its developers are leaving in droves.

    OPENSUSE (backed by NOVELL / SUSE) and LINUX MINT IMO are the distros you should be looking at if you are thinking of switching from Windows to a Linux distro. I'd suggest also using the KDE desktop as it's the most Windows like system.

    Debian is another "Old faithful" but it is probably slightly harder for "newbies".

    I tend to use Linux mainly but run Windows as a Virtual Machine under Linux -- best of both worlds -- for what I need WINE isn't really robust enough for running Windows apps in Linux - a Windows VM is a better solution.

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Whatever you do, before you decide to install a Linux version, do the research on how to install it. Linux will install as MBR on a GPT drive and give you a Legacy install.

    Ubuntu 14.04 will install as UEFI and Windows 8 Secure Boot compatible, if that is how your system is currently configured.

    I understand Steam is testing a Linux version for gaming, but I have not actually checked into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caperjack View Post
    throw a bit wine in your beer and its still beer
    I spent last new year in Rabat in Morocco and wine and beer is the national drink for new years eve it seems. I can assure wine and beer is not beer. It is terrible.

    I tried running wine on OSX as well but honestly I couldn't see any benefit. It is clever but a bit pointless.
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    Vista and Win7

    A compromise could be running Ubuntu for your daily work and Windows 8.1 in a virtual partition (e.g. with VMware Player) for those Windows programs that you absolutely need. That is not a solution for games (performance) but works well with 'normal' programs.

    I tried Wine myself and never really got good results. That is not a good option.

    I run Windows as main (host) system and half a dozen Linux distros under VMware Player. That is a good option too. If you run the OS from a SSD, there is quasi no performance impact. I even run my virtual Linux systems from an external SSD attached via eSata or USB3. That way I need to maintain only one set and can run them on any of my PCs.
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    Linux Mint 17.2

    A lot of misinformation in this thread regarding Linux.

    There are a lot of the Steam Games that work fine in Linux.

    As for best distro. It is all about personal favorite. The misinformation about Canonical and Ubuntu is just that.
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    Not everybody is a huge fan of ubuntu. I use CentOS for servers and uses to be Ubuntu for desktops, but lost all interest when Unity came out.

    If I am running a desktop variant, it's usually Mint these days. 99 percent of my Linux machines are command line only.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    A lot of misinformation in this thread regarding Linux.

    There are a lot of the Steam Games that work fine in Linux.

    As for best distro. It is all about personal favorite. The misinformation about Canonical and Ubuntu is just that.
    Not crazy about Steam plus I have a lot of older games that I still enjoy. Only misinformation depending on perspective and user requirements.
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