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Win 8.1 not seeing music files

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    Win 8.1 not seeing music files

    Libraries are set and I can play any tune by surfing via explorer. But no matter what, if I use the music tile on the start page, tells me I have no music or even audiobooks, no nothing basically. I used windows file transfer , I got my pics and docs, the music is there, windows just doesn't see it on the start screen. Most purchased with iTunes. What am I doing wrong?

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    hello ,not sure, what program do you have set as the default music player, if its iTunes ,then you might try windows media player ,to see if that helps .go to defaults in control panel to check
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    No other media players installed yet, was going to check file associationd
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    file assocations

    it was set to windows music icon, I changed to windows media player with no change, most files at Mp3's, sooner or later I will have to install iTunes anyways, ill install and see
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    Open the Music App then the charms bar. Choose Properties. There should be a link that says 'choose where we look for music'. Click on it and follow the instructions to see if you can point it to the right place.
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    As OldGuyGeek said, you can point the music app to wherever your music is stored. I have many gigabytes of mp3s on a network drive and the music app is able to add them to My Collection and I am able to play them fine.

    I wonder if you may be running into a DRM (Digital Rights Management) issue? Are your iTunes songs DRM free?
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    You need to set the default player for each file type, for mp3 files, follow the screen shot. Next time when you double click on the mp3 file, music apps will Open & Play. In addition, if you want to build the play list(s), you have to set it in the Music Apps to include all the Music folders in your PC.

    Click image for larger version
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    Library is set properly, I keep all my music in one place
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    Most I purchased , some I did not, neither of them show up
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    That was the first thing I checked good with file associations. Loaded iTunes but did not allow it to set itself as default media player, pickup up all my music in library and ran with it, windows still says no files to play with
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Win 8.1 not seeing music files
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