I have a Lenovo y510p and today it randomly blue screened on me telling me it would have to do a repair. After that, an error screen with the error oxc0000034 came up. I followed instructions I found here (mounted a usb with the Windows 8 Recovery on it > Troubleshoot > Command Prompt > BCDboot c:/windows /s c: /l en-us. After this it said it successfully created a new boot file.

However, upon restarting, the blue screen appeared again saying it needed to repair, but it almost immediately changed back to the other error screen, except this time saying it was error oxc000001. Now I don't know if I did something wrong in the process or if there is any way to fix this (at least with ox0000034 I felt like I had hope.) I can't do the refresh because it says my drive is locked, and as I'm sure you've all heard a billion times like idiots from me, I don't have backups for my files. Is there anything else I can try before I have to take the dreaded step to simply reformatting?

Also, why would it switch from oxc0000034 to oxc000001? From what I've seen oxc000001 comes from installation issues.

Thanks for any help in advance.