Hi there.

Just wondering if there's any GURU around who knows why W8.1 TO GO has such a decent performance even when running from a USB2 external HDD -- I'm using an external 2.5 inch Hitachi 7200 RPM (better than the 5400 RPM drives but rare in laptops these days) and I get actually BETTER performance to an identical laptop running Windows 8.1 "Natively" on it's own internal HDD (a WD 1TB but 5400 RPM).

Even things like Photoshop work perfectly fast enough - and it just FLIES when using Windows to go on an SSD.
The SSD I would of course expect decent performance but from a USB2 HDD !!!.

Windows must be doing some real optimising here -- goodness knows what it is but I'm really surprised at it -- the Windows to Go system definitely isn't a TOY -- it's actually very useful especially for different Languages, keyboards and versions of Office.