In Windows 8.1 Explorer (File Manager), I often end up way down the page buried in some sub-folder. As I have LINKS enabled at the top of the Window, I would like to get to them with one simple keystroke on my keyboard.
Actually, from ANYWHERE within My Computer/This PC/File Manger/etc.

In other words...I want to simplify the process of getting to the TOP (or Bottom) of any page-Globally, if possible.

I have a mini-keyboard and there are no HOME or END Keys.
My HotKey software (PHRASE EXPRESS) does not allow me to assign non-text based keystrokes.

I believe I need to know the windows command for these two actions to use PHRASE EXPRESS?
Do these commands exist somewhere in my WINDOWS folder so I can create a shortcut?
Is there a registry edit I can do to assign these actions to something?
(Thanks, in advance for suggesting some other hotkey software, and I'll listen, but only as a last resort)

Can I hear your best idea?