Hey, yesterday I connected my external HDD to my laptop, and I noticed that a folder was corrupt, suddenly. The folder didn't have the folder icon, and I couldn't access to it. I was mad about that cause that folder had very valuable files o'mine.

I was just about ask here for help, but I've found a solution. Well, the error I was getting:


OK, I've first right-clicked on my external hard drive:

This PC, right-click F:, Properties, Tools, Error Checking, CHECK.

After that, I've done this:

Start Menu (I have Classic Shell)/Programs/Windows System/right-click on Command Prompt/Run as administrator

Then type:

chkdsk /F F:

Where there's the F:, you got to put your external hard drive's letter. In my case, F:. So, if you have a corrupted file in you USB that is G:, you have to type "chkdsk /F G:".

After that, I was able to access to my folder, and everything has been fixed.

Hope it helps someone out there!

PD: thanks to this video, it was so helpful: