I'm having an issue (have been having for the past 7+ months - no apparent cause) where following the W8 logo on boot, it goes to an all black screen with a cursor that only appears when I move the mouse, giving it the appearance of "blinking". It stays like this for upwards of 10-20 minutes, before prompting me with a normal login screen.

Safe mode does the same, except all the corner text that says "safe mode" and the cursor flash, and you can't do anything whatsoever no matter how long you wait.

I have no idea what is causing this but I would really like to get it resolved, so that when I have to restart for updates or if my computer crashes (bsod been happening as of recent) I don't have to wait almost half an hour to resume use of the computer. I used to turn the computer off every day, but I've taken to just locking it and turning off the monitors because of this issue.

I've been debating the merits of just reinstalling windows entirely, updating it entirely along with all drivers, and then reinstalling my programs, just because of how much of a problem this has become.