HI every one, am new here as u can see this is my very first post, i can say shout for help.. it is because i recently changed my os from 7 to 8. while i was doing this my laptop was having 3 partitions and i transferred my files (from C: ----> D: and E then i formatted C: and installed win 8 without changing the other partitions.

This is where i faced problem, after the computer starts and i logged in it doesnt let me in to (D: and E Folders, subfolder and files (like play my musics and videos)
First it said u dont have permission and access denied then i did google it and find how to own a permission but i doesnt seem to solve my prob completely but it let me in into folders but still cant access my files which where there while i was using windows 7.
the other prob was i have to change the permission of the folder 1 by one (imagine how frustrating it is)

So can sm1 please tell me how access my file like i was using in win7??
Thank u in advance, tried to express my prob but if u r having difficulty u can ask me