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Run shortcut when hovering over Desktop region

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    Run shortcut when hovering over Desktop region

    Hi guys. This is my first post, glad to be here!

    I'm really particular about the way I use my desktop and what I would like to do is force the network flyout to appear when I hover over the right edge of my monitor.

    Normally this flyout appears when you click the network connections icon in the tray but I am looking for a way to bypass clicking the icon. The end result should be the network connections flyout appearing with no mouse clicks or key presses.

    If it helps, I can simplify the request: I would like a piece of software that will allow me to perform custom functions based on whether or not I hover over a region of the desktop for a set amount of time.

    I could write this myself, but wanted to see if there was something lightweight already available.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, ssknight7.

    There'a a flyout, but ony shows for a short time what the system is connected to. Interesting concept, but I would think it to be quicker just to click it. I use WinKey/B to focus the tray myself. But come what may, I know of no utility that performs this. I did find these, which you might have found already.

    javascript - How do I execute a function after a two-second hover? - Stack Overflow

    .hover() | jQuery API Documentation

    Good luck. Please post your final result? Again, welcome.
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    Hello ssknight7, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    It's not exactly what you are wanting, but you could use the shortcut below anywhere you like to also open the Networks flyout.

    Networks flyout Shortcut - Create in Windows 8
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    "King Tute" comes through again! I should learn to search those tutorials before answering a post, eh?!
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Run shortcut when hovering over Desktop region
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