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Win 8.1 file content indexing

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    Win 8.1 file content indexing

    Good day all

    I have an issue at a client that has thousands of invoices stored in folders, in PDF format. The often need to look up invoices based on invoice numbers, or other details (such as vehicle registration number) etc.

    I have added these folders as a location to be indexed, installed the latest Adobe Reader, and made sure the ifilter value in the registry is the correct one, and confirmed this is available under file types to index. PDFs are set to have content indexed.

    PDFs are created by printing to the Bullzip printer driver.
    This results in a PDF with textual content, with a few blocks of text (like an invoice) holding customer details, job details, and contact details.

    Now, the problem arises when they search, in that when the search for an alphanumeric string, such as a vehicle registration number, results seem to contain strings found as if different boxes of text are being joined. E.g. part of a registration number, and part of a number from another area in the file, being combined, and then matching the search criteria.

    This doesn't male for very helpful results.

    Could this be caused by something wrong in the way search is setup? Or in the way the files are created?
    This all worked perfectly when they were running it all on Windows XP

    Any input would be a great help.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Are they against a 3rd party app? If not, take a look at Agent Ransack.
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    Windows Vista x64, Ubuntu 14.04, Android 4.2.2

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    They'd just be happy to have high speed searching with an index.
    I will do some tests with that, and advise them.

    My worry is that the third party PDF printing they have will not be indexed correctly on Windows. At least with 8.1

    Will post my findings.
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    Agent Ransack doesn't use an Index. It interrogates the files directly. A little slower than indexed but at least it works.
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Win 8.1 file content indexing
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