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Can I move Documents folder on a mixed SSD/HDD system?

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    Can I move Documents folder on a mixed SSD/HDD system?

    I have a laptop with an SSD and a "normal" rotating hard drive. The SSD is small (32Gb) so I want to reserve it for things that best belong on it, using the bigger (650Gb) HDD for the bulk of my storage needs.

    I assumed it would be easy to move the Users folder but no, it can't, so after much faffing around I managed to move the folders individually using the Properties/Location tab, all of them that is except the Documents folder which for some reason doesn't offer the Location tab on its Properties.

    This concerns me because the Documents folder is likely to grow the fastest (most of my work is text) so I really do want to get it off the SSD onto the HDD. Anyone have any ideas how I can do this?

    As a subsidiary question - if that's allowed? - if I create another user can I tell Windows to put its folders on the HDD right from the start? As there's nothing in the Users folder yet that might be a way round this problem?

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    Hello Briesmith, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    If you like, you could do what's in the yellow tip box in the tutorial below to basically use a new folder on the HDD, add it to your Documents library, and set this folder as the default save location for your Documents library. This way anything you save in you Documents library gets save to this new folder on the HDD instead, and you don't have to mess with moving your user folders and risk messing them up if something should go wrong.

    User Folders - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Hope this helps,
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    I have done with Shawn recommends and it works very well...
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    My laptop has the same kind of setup (spinning main HD and SSD cache drive) and my Documents folder does have the Location tab and I was able to move it to another drive without issues. Verify that you are checking your documents folder and not the documents library, which will not have the location tab.
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Can I move Documents folder on a mixed SSD/HDD system?
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