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Socket FM1 processors and GPU! Which is the best? HELP!

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    Socket FM1 processors and GPU! Which is the best? HELP!

    Hello people!
    I have an Acer Aspire Desktop, in which i want to upgrade in the near future!
    I will be upgrading components when my warranty runs out (sept 2014)
    My motherboard's socket is an FM1, and i want to upgrade the CPU aswell as my GPU.
    After doing some research i could not come to any conclusion to which CPU and GPU is the best for my FM1 Socket motherboard!
    Could you guys help me.
    Money is not a problem, as i can save up.
    Could you guys help.
    My pc is a Small Form Factor btw.

    Current Specs:
    CPU: AMD A6-3620 2.2GHZ QC
    GPU: Radeon 3650D (intergrated)
    RAM: 4GB (upgrading to 16GB soon)
    HDD : 2x 1TB
    Arc: 64Bit


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    It is hard to find an exact fit motherboard for a OEM case. Also with OEM Small Form Factor cases. It is also hard to find an exact fit higher watt Power Supply.

    You would be better off on building your own system from parts you ordered. Keep the Acer as a HTPC.
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    Thanks for reply.
    Could i not just get a different case to fit my motherboard, to fit a bigger psu, and bigger components?
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    Be care full what you do. The motherboard having an FM1 socket doesn't mean it will take any FM1 CPU. You need to nail down the exact make and model of the motherboard and then see if there is a list of supported CPU's available for it. You may be limited to a maximum wattage allowed, or have to flash the BIOS to support newer CPU's. For example my ASUS M2N68 motherboard is limited to 95 watts, while my ASUS M4N68 motherboard is good for a 125 watt processor.
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    how did you get 2 x1tb in that little thing ,lol
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    I know you said "FM1", but I've had excellent experience building systems with e FX-6300, which is an AM3+ CPU, along with a nice little 970-based motherboard...
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    How "low profile" is that case. Do you have an empty PCI express slot on MB. If it would fit, there are some low profile video cards that might fit. Something like this : SAPPHIRE HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 LOW PROFILE
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Socket FM1 processors and GPU! Which is the best? HELP!
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