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Random crashes in Windows 8

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    Windows 8.1 64bit

    Random crashes in Windows 8

    Hi guys, I'm having random freezes on my Windows 8.1 64bit computer. I'll try to be detail on what I have done in the past to see if it helps.
    I built a custom PC last year and everything is working well until it is around 6-10 months old. Random freezes started occuring. I tried doing reformat but the problem does not go away. Figuring that it may be the problem of Windows 7, I upgraded to windows 8.1 and also added a SSD to use it as a primary drive. 1 week into windows 8.1 and SSD the problem started occuring again, sometimes even when I'm just browsing the internet without viewing videos.

    -windows 7+1TB HDD(OS), having a crash
    -upgraded to windows 8.1+128GB SSD (OS)+1TB HDD(secondary drive), having a crash

    I'm in doubt and I don't know what should I do Can anyone help me please?

    P/S I turned file paging off on my SSD and allocated 8GB of virtual memory to my secondary drive. When the crash happens, no BSOD occurs, my screen just freezes and I'm forced to do a hard reset. When there is sound playing while the crash happens, the sound will keep looping until I did a hard reset.
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    Windows 8.1 (x64) (build 9600)

    Since you had the same problem with Win7 on the same machine, it sounds like a hardware error or drivers need to be updated. If you can try replacing some parts (do this one at a time) you may discover they problem. A failing power supply can cause some flakey problems.

    Check the Device Manager and see if there are any warnings and if the drivers need updating.

    Check Task Manager and look on the Processes tab for high percentages in the column heading. Sort by that heading and see which program or service pops up to the top of the list.

    You can also go to the Details tab and do the same.

    Then you can try uninstalling offending program and turning off non-Microsoft services. You will be surprised to see what is running in the background. Sometimes services are left running even if their program is uninstalled. Check vendor websites to see if they require using a special uninstaller program, instead of the one in the program folder.

    Sometimes a virus will get its hooks into otherwise healthy programs and force them to overwork. Run your scanner in Safe Mode and try a boot scanner to run before Windows gets loaded.

    Sometimes 3rd party antivirus programs don't get along with Windows. Try switching to Windows Defender. Make sure that you completely uninstall all other antivirus programs. Once your computer is back in shape you can try adding one or two back. When uninstalling antivirus programs, check the vendors website for a complete uninstaller. The one that is installed with the program may leave stuff behind.

    You can change the paging file size to match your RAM size or even double it.

    Turn of the search Indexing and reboot and turn it back on. Sometimes it gets corrupted and needs to be reset.

    If you did an upgrade install to Windows 8, maybe an unknown virus tagged along. Run your antivirus in Safe Mode.
    You can also download and Run Microsoft Security Scanner Microsoft Safety Scanner - Free Virus Scan with the Microsoft Safety Scanner
    which has an antivirus included.

    You can also set the Performance Plan to HIGH Performance.

    I hope this helps
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Random crashes in Windows 8
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