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Win 8.1 PDFs not loading or downloading/emailing correctly

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    Win 8.1 PDFs not loading or downloading/emailing correctly

    This is any browser; Opera , IE, Chrome....all updated, Adobe Reader updated today, Chrome updated to 36 today...

    PDFs that are supposed to be emailed, via a button on a webpage, come to me unopenable, and if downloaded, are unable to be loaded due to some format issue.

    I tested the same functions on a Win XP laptop, with same Chrome and Adobe Reader version. It worked fine, on the same network and ISP.

    WHAT is it about 8.1 that precludes anything from getting PDFs down in one readable piece? I'm su frustrated, my work depends on this! Any ideas? It's gotta be 8.1. Both laptops run Zone Alarm, same version, and it happens if I turn off ZA, too.

    Ugh....good ole Microswift....

    (ETA, all done on Desktop, not in metro hell)


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    For Chrome. I use the Mailto: extension. Firefox you can go into the about:config and change the email provider, if you do not use an OS based email program.

    This has nothing to do with Microsoft. It is all about software writers getting smart about security with their programs and the OS.
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    Hi Broe,

    I don't have a choice how it emails, it's done through the work program I use. But regardless of that, if I choose the button in the webpage program that says "View PDF", the PDF, same one, will open in the browser window no problem, whereas on the Win 8.1 machine, it either shows corrupt (in IE) or just tries to download the file regardless of how the plugin settings are, and, the PDF then downloaded is corrupt and unable to be opened.

    This does not occur with the SAME steps, and the SAME file, on Win XP.
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    Go to settings and make sure Adobe is the default PDF viewer.
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    I finally got pizzed off enough, started in Safe Mode, tried it...worked fine....turned off a couple services in Startup, and deleted what I think is the problem. My printer software installed Nuance PDF View Plus, and I have a feeling there was some weird disconnect created with Adobe....

    Yes, Adobe had been enabled in all browsers, so that wasn't it. I can WORK! again!
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    Nuance is a better pdf program. There is also Foxit reader. Is the Work program being done through a VPN connection? If you have access to a mapped drive through work. Have you tried to attach that way? What email program does your work use?

    If your IT is in house. May want to work with them on this issue with Windows 8 and the work software not playing nice. They may have a fix.
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Win 8.1 PDFs not loading or downloading/emailing correctly
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