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[Problem] Modern app loads on boot, can only shutdown

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    [Solved] Modern app loads on boot, can only shutdown

    Hi! i bolded the key parts.

    When i boot and load a specific account from the welcome screen, instead of going to desktop, or start screen, it loads the Microsoft Scanner Modern ui app.

    There is no X to close, no drag to close, no alt tab, no explorer, no ctrl+shift+esc task manager, no start screen,even ctrl+alt+supr doesn't work.
    Basically the account has been incapacitated, i can only shutdown with power button. The app is not hanged by the way, i can, for eg., preview documents in it. Also, other accounts work fine, i'm posting from one of them.

    There was one instance where i could see for a split second the desktop, and the alt+tab dialog, but i haven't been able to do it again

    This started happening today out of the blue.. I tried this things (they didn't work):
    -uninstalling the app from from another account, with this How to remove all bundled Modern apps from your user account in Windows 8 | Winaero
    -i was using start8, tried uninstalling it
    -looked into startmenu/start but nothing there

    any suggestion? seems i will have to delete the account and recreate it. Thanks!

    edit [Solved]:

    Since it's a production pc, i had to delete and recreate the account, i would have loved to troubleshoot and find how that could have happened tough
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[Problem] Modern app loads on boot, can only shutdown
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