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How do start english GUI AUTOM with german keyboard layou?

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    How do start english GUI AUTOM with german keyboard layou?

    I am running an english Win8 with german keyboard (and german regional settings).

    That works fine except one thing: When I start Win 8 then always the English keyboard layout is enabled in the Login Screen by default.
    I always have to switch in manually in the lower right corner.
    When I proceed the keyboard in Desktop is switched corrently!

    How can I tell an english Win8 to start AUTOMATICALLY with german keyboard layout already in the Welcome screen?

    When I go to

    Control Panel--->Clock, Language and Regio-->Language

    then the
    - topmost entry is English (Windows display language: Enabled; Keyboard Layout: German)
    - the second second German (activated: Date, time and number fomatting; Keyboard Layout: German)

    As you can I: Although I assigned a german Keyboard layout to the english Win8 entry the WinOS starts with english keyboard layout.

    Because users sometimes use characters "z" and "y" (which are switched in the language layouts)
    in their password and they mistype it when they do not pay attention to the keyboard indicator.

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    Have you set Windows to use your account's settings (English with German keyboard) in Control Panel > Region > Administrative?

    Click image for larger version

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How do start english GUI AUTOM with german keyboard layou?
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