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3 Bugs that i've noticed in Windows 8.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by FionaBelli18 View Post
    I wonder when microsoft is gonna fix these issues...they are getting very annoying..
    Well you have to consider it in Microsoft's eyes. They are working on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1.They have a lot on their hands. Plus the games their making. Just give it some time, it will be fixed!
    I hope so

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    Quote Originally Posted by FionaBelli18 View Post
    I agree with what you said about Steam,steam has to fix this not microsoft.
    About the other bugs i dont know because lots of other people who had NVIDIA graphics cards as well were having the issue with them pointers.Im using an AMD card.About the hot corners it came with update 1 and it affects some might be drivers but then again they came with UPDATE 1 it was working fine before.
    The bug happens when you place a file up right where charms is.I dont know whats causing that.My computer is brand new fully compatible with 8.1 so is the rest of my hardware.Anyway im using Catalyst 13.12 because 14.4 causes me BSOD's and you think it might be a driver compability?Windows button +c works even after they get buged.
    Here yet another post:Windows 8.1 start menu button and charms frozen
    did you try running the system maintenance repairs suggested by Haren Hu in that link you provided
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    Hello,yes i have and im still having the same issues.Also scanned my system with sfc/scannow and i repaired damaged files but still the same issues Actually about the arrows,I have 2 folders...One called programs and one Games.In Games folder all icons load up correctly,The program folder doesnt load correctly.
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3 Bugs that i've noticed in Windows 8.1
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