Hello this is my first post. So today, I turned on my lappy (os is windows 8 and brand is samsung) and the samsung logo came up with the juggling balls under as usual and after that, there's a gap of a black screen (that's actually preety short) when the first windows 8 screen comes up (with the time, picture, internet bar etc) but this time that black screen took a little while. It usually goes for a maximum of 15 seconds or so but when it came to the point of reaching 15 minutes forced shutdown my laptop. I tried turning in again but instead of the the samsung logo at first I also got a "please wait" below, and after that, instead of a black screen I got the "windows didnt start up properly" blue screen with options etc. the option i chose was just to continue to windows 8. This did NOT work and it would either go back to the black screen that would go on forever or the blue screen options etc. after multiple times of trying the same thing I tried system restore but it failed because it cant restore a certain file (?) and after that I turned it on again and let the black screen wait for awhile. So I ate lunch and when i came back to my lappy the first windows 8 was there. I could move my cursor but clicking on anything wouldnt work. The time wouldnt change so I assumed it froze. So I forced shutdown it again and the same thing happened, but at my 3rd attempt i actually got to click on the screen and get to the password box. So i typed my password and the jugglig balls came and the whole thing (with the word box and the use picture) froze when it was halfway on its way moving to the right. I figured that if I would wait longer it would actually go to the right and disappear and i would go th my desktop and it would be all alright. But i waited for half an hour and i forced shutdown my lappy again. My current attempt now has the same outcome as my 3rd attempt but the password screen took a little longer but instead of sliding to the right and letting my dashboard come in, a black screen came in with only my cursor visible. Now I don't know what's going on but I'm givng it a wait because I see the cursor having that "loading circle" at times. Just background of my lappy , i bought this around almost a year ago and it's the np270e4e with intel core i3 thats all i know about (i'm not smart enough to know tech crap about this and i dont know the specs since i cant get on my lappy) this DID fall around 5 times, but no more than a falling distance of 5 inches... No force just falling and the monitor did get slammed (sort of) closed and for some reason some ants might have been inside when i was having some outdoor activity with a group of friends. The keyboard did get mishandled....e.g a baby smahing the keys. But nothing came off. I force shutdown my lappy when I'm late for some appointments (with one program and a browser on) and this lappy also experienced being out of battery. So that's all i can say sorry for my bad english and long post but I'm getting really frustrated with what's goingon with my lappy. I truly appreciate any help that. I can get... Thank you in advance!